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Our Service Offerings

We, in PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE GROUP, leverage on our expertise and wherewithal to render professional services effectively and of the foremost order, and the ambit of our engagements are as follows:

We associate ourselves actively with our Clients and Business Advisors in meeting their expectations by identifying competent resources as per their specifications, at all levels. We subscribe to state-of-the-art and highly innovated mechanisms of talent evaluation, specialised and customised Executive Search.

The following are the key levels we focus upon:

Our search services cover sectors such as:

Some of the several key domain areas we cater to, which cover the aforesaid various key levels and sectors include:

We render professional services to our Clients and Business Associates, in addressing issues related to HR, in entirety, including on a turnkey basis. These include setting up Systems and Processes, articulating Policies, designing Manuals, advising on Talent Attraction, Talent Development, and Talent Management, O D Interventions, Personnel Management, Competency Mapping, Career Progression, Succession Planning, Corporate Communication, Compensation & Benefits Planning, ESAT, Employee Engagement, Retention Planning, Attrition Management, Counselling, and Employee Welfare.

In our considered viewpoint, it is vitally important for us to assist and advise our Clients on Attracting, Retaining, and Developing Talent; utilizing their full potential to the hilt, aligned with organizational objectives, thereby ensuring an “enabling people culture” and atmosphere of performance excellence.

We conduct Capability – Building, Training & Development Programs, Workshops, Leadership & Management Development Programs, and our Certification Programs.

Generic as well as customized Programs are offered, giving stimulating experimental insights and realistic industry perspectives, covering the following spectrum:



  • COACHING { Life Success }

    The methodologies which we adopt, are non-pareil and we design our programs to be interactive and enlightening, so that, the best take-aways are found palpable. These include:
  • Our objectives are to bring about awareness, consciousness, knowledge-enrichment, skills-development, power of discretion, sensitising, and finally, transformation!

    We assist our Clients in carrying out `due-dilligence with due intelligence' in attending to and addressing issues which may have legal and HR implications during the course of Mergers and Acquisitions, and also, in the setting-up of new Units, and Operations. In addition, we assist Organisations in working-out Agreements, Contracts, and MoUs with other entities including their own Employees and Clients, and also, in the areas of Labor Laws and Statutory Compliances.

    We effectively assist B-Schools and Engineering Colleges in conducting special sessions for their students in Orientation & Induction, Marketing and HR, in addition to Career Counselling, Pre-Placement Preparations, Personality & Holistic Development, thereby Strengthening Employability.

    We assist our Clients in advising them, on their Business Plans, with the view of enabling them to be strategically (a) augmenting their businesses, (b) increasing market–reach, (c) ensuring profitability, (d) fostering client-delight, and (e) in participating in RFPs/Tender-openings.